Longer Shelf Life

Perishable Preservation Technologies

Food Safety...

...is a genuine concern of everyone
in the seafood chain... 
                            ...from the boat to the table!

Aerobic Bacteria
Scientific data documents that the primary reason for this concern is the rapid, unchecked growth of aerobic bacteria, resulting in a short shelf life
for fresh fish.

Carbon Dioxide & Fresh Seafood
The growth of aerobic bacteria on seafood is exponential.  Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the only anti-microbial gas in the atmosphere, and when it comes in contact with the moisture on fish, it retards the growth of aerobic bacteria.

Patented Delivery System
CO2 Technologies has developed a patented delivery system that subjects fresh fish to CO2 along the entire cold chain from the boat to the table.

Seafood Applications

Boats and Processors
For fish that are held fresh with ice at the boat, CO2 pads are placed in the hold of the boat to start the suppression of bacteria growth immediately after the catch.  Processors can maximize food safety when using a combination of ozone treatment and the new CO2 pads

Retail Display Cases
Placing the new CO2 Pads on the ice of the retail cases not only continues to suppress bacteria growth, but the modified air will also displace oxygen around the product and will also raise the relative humidity in the case which keeps the fish moist and fresh.

Overnight Program
When the seafood is removed from the case at the end of the day, it is placed in plastic lugs with a CO2 Pad so the fish is still exposed to CO2 and the anti-microbial treatment.  These treated fish will be fresh and in good condition to go back in the case in the morning.

Packaged Fresh Fish for Self Service Cases
CO2 Pads are also effective at reducing aerobic bacteria growth and maintaining the freshness of fresh fish sold in self service cases

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 Longer Shelf Life can add value to your Seafood program contact 
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