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For more detailed information on ethylene gas and its effects on individual fresh produce and floral products, click on the link to UC Davis below:    


What is ethylene gas?

Ethylene gas (C2H2) is an odorless, colorless gas that exists in nature and is also created by man-made sources.  Not easily detectable, it exists where produce is stored. In nature, the largest producers are plant and plant products (i.e., fruits, vegetables and floral products) which produce ethylene within their tissues and release it into the surrounding atmosphere.  It is also a by-product of man-made processes such as combustion (propane forklifts, smog).

EF-100 Filtration System

Used in large storage areas.  One EF-100 system will cover between 75,000-150,000 cu. ft. of storage space, depending on commodities being stored.  In a mixed room of fruit and vegetables, one unit per 100,000 cu. ft. of airspace is recommended.  Each unit requires 100 lbs. of pellets.

The EF-100 also does an excellent job of removing airborne mold spores, thereby reducing the spread of decay throughout the storage area.  Pellet life depends on the commodities being stored, but ranges between 3-12 months.

Note: The use of propane forklifts or ripening rooms that are not vented to the outside air will greatly reduce pellet life due to the elevated ethylene levels that these operating procedures cause.

Approved for use with organic produce by OMRI


5 GRAM Used in LOW producing commodities, such as vegetables and flowers, up to 10 lbs/ box.
10 GRAM Used in MEDIUM ethylene producing commodities, such as peaches, plums, nectarines, mangos, etc., up to 30 lbs/ box; or oranges, lemons and limes, up to 40 lbs/ box.
30 GRAM Used in HIGH ethylene producing commodities such as apples, pears and melons, up to 50 lbs/ box.

Approved for use with organic produce by OMRI


Bulk Pellets

Used in the EF-100 Filtration System.  Contains potassium permanganate as the active ingredient.  A non-hazardous material not regulated by the DOT.  This is the strongest and longest lasting pellet on the market today.

Approved for use with organic produce by OMRI

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